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Furnishings: Buy/Sell 0 posts

Post or search here for furniture, rugs, and other items.

Study Abroad 0 posts

Studying abroad next year? Plan ahead by posting/searching here to find others interested in splitting leases.

Early Move-In's 0 posts

Need to move in early but can't get into your place? Search/post here to connect with other students to share storage, hotel rooms, etc.

Buy/Sell Textbooks 0 posts

Turn old textbooks into cash. Buy used textbooks at bargain prices.

Carpool & Commuting 0 posts

Why pay for 2 parking spots when 1 will do? Search/post here to find others looking to carpool to/from JMU. Save gas, money, & road rage while helping the environment!

Discussion Board 0 posts

Discuss off-campus topics here. Please note that if you're looking for a place to live or you want to post a sublet you can visit the Housing section of the website.

Note: Posts can be removed at any time for any reason.